Small World


 What do we do?

Small Worldはあなたを名古屋の楽しいソーシャルシーンとつなげます。
2018年よりSmall Worldではミートアップ、ソーシャルイベント、パーティーなど様々なイベントを企画・運営しています。外国人も日本人も同じように参加できる活気に満ちた国際的なコミュニティを作っています。

Small World is your connection to Nagoya's exciting social scene.
Since 2018, our group has been creating meetups, social events, parties and gatherings to foster a strong and vibrant international community for both expats and Japanese alike.

 Why do we do it?

いろいろな人との出会いを通して、人はそれぞれ異なる好きなことや興味を持っていると言うことに気づきました。忙しい日常を過ごしていると自分と同じ興味を持っている人に出会うのは難しいかもしれません。友達を作ることさえも難しいかもしれません。Small Worldの目的はそれをもっと簡単にすることです。

After meeting people from all walks of life, we've found that everyone has their own passions and interests. When you are having busy days, it can be hard to find others who share those interests. It can be difficult to make friends at all. Small World's goal is to make that easier.


We aim to bring our community closer together, so that we can share our passions, learn about other cultures and make friends for life.


We are very proud to be a part of this community. We've met wonderful people and had unforgettable experiences, and we want to give something back, to make Nagoya into the most exciting city in Japan

 Why should you join?

Small Worldは愛知県で一番急速に成長しているグループの一つです。このグループには素晴らしいメンバーが揃っています。日本人だけではなく、世界中からいろいろな人が参加しています。

Small World is one of Aichi's fastest growing Meetup groups, and we know that we have the most amazing members! People not only from Japan, but from all over the world.

私たちは皆さんのために役立つイベントや場を提供できていると信じています。皆さんの興味を分かち合えるように常に改善し新しいイベントを作っています。Small Worldは新しいことにチャレンジし、面白いことを学び、特別な人達に出会う機会を提供します。

We believe we have something for everyone, and we're always growing and making new events to make sure that everyone's interests are shared with others. Small World provides opportunities to try something new, learn something interesting or meet someone special.

Right now, we have events that keeps the planet and yourself healthy, celebrate food, drink, language, partying, singing, dancing, music, trivia... and many more soon to come

Small Worldに参加すると、日本で最高のコミュニティの一員になれます。自分のイベントを作れる可能性もあります。

Joining Small World makes you a part of the best community in Japan, and maybe you'll even get an opportunity to create your own events with us!